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Before 22


Before 22 is a collection of short stories and poetry that bring together sentiments of youth and hope and innocence, reminding us of a time within all of us when the world was new and bursting with possibility. In An American Tradition, the struggles of an immigrant family at the turn of the last century are viewed through the lens of a single day, Thanksgiving Day. In Winter’s End, an orphaned little girl stumbles on a new friend, a long buried secret, and grows to fulfill her life’s purpose while aiding others in the resolution of a tragedy. The volume is filled out with samples of poetry grappling with such complexities as time and change and what it means to exist. Touching and inspirational, Before 22 presents a young but by no means feeble voice.

A Farewell To Forever

Along the road to her new job as a housemaid at the Scottish estate Halstead House, Emily Morton is offered a ride by a seemingly innocuous young man. Little does she know that he is the heir to the estate, Matthew Turner. It was a meeting of both chance and fate and it will leave neither of them unchanged as they traverse a rocky road fraught with class separation, illness, and the First World War. It is a world shaken by change and together they will confront obstacles and challenges to their choice to answer the call of their hearts as they learn that they don’t have to say farewell to forever.

It is a story about the joy of love and the pain of loss. Of finding the courage to allow oneself to be loved, no matter how unworthy of it one may feel. Of daring to determine one’s own path and having the strength to adhere to it. Of learning how to live and trust that there is so much more to this life than what is revealed in the moment.

Diary of a Stagehand

The Winter of Sarah Snow

Dreams have always felt so real to Sarah, and sleep so difficult, because in her dreams the only constant is death.  Living in the fast paced and dangerous city of Brooklyn, Sarah goes about her days cataloguing and restoring books for the New York public library. An important birthday is quickly approaching, yet she feels in her heart something is wrong. Dying feels right, unescapable, and peaceful. As she stares down at the river below it would be too easy to just let go.


​Michael has been watching Sarah for what feels like an eternity. He has observed the depression and pain that lingers on Sarah’s face, scars of former lives of which even she is unaware. He has always existed, draped in shadow and obscurity on the fringes of her lives, the only thing standing between her and death. But seeing her standing precariously close to the ledge of the bridge Michael arrives at the precipice of a dangerous choice. To get close to her again in order to save her, to end this curse once and for all, and to not be forced to endure yet another tragedy that has plagued the many lives of Sarah Snow; all of this bearing with it the risk of getting too close, of her learning the truth, and of inevitably caving to the temptation to save her at all costs, even if it means ending his own immortal life.

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